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Easyship will generate a shipment manifest form for all your USPS shipments. The manifest form provides a single barcode that USPS can scan to process several packages at once, rather than scanning each individual parcel.  

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Generating a USPS Scan Form

Step 1: Navigate to Manage Shipments. Select the shipments you wish to manifest. 

Step 2: In the top left-hand corner, click Actions > Generate Manifest


Step 3: A handover date will be pre-selected for the same day, however, you can hand it over on the following day without issue. Click the Manifest button.


Step 4: Your shipment manifest is now ready to download. 


Example: 34234234234_23423.png

Additional Notes

  • If you generate a manifest before all of your labels for the day have been created, the only labels that will appear in your manifest are those that we're ready when the manifest was generated. This means that if you generate a manifest in the morning, then create more shipments in the afternoon, the new labels will not be added to the original manifest. You will need to create a new manifest for these labels.

  • Manifests will be separated by pickup location. This means that if you have several pickup addresses you will be able to generate manifests for each location. The manifest is created based on the sender's zip code.

  • In order for labels to appear in your manifest, the manifest must be generated on the same day that your labels were created. The manifest can be generated for labels created that same day, or for labels created with hand-over dates up to 5 business days in the future. For example, if you create several labels on July 1st with a hand-over date on July 5th, you must create the manifest on July 1st and choose July 5th as the handover date (see Step 3). You would not be able to generate the manifest for these labels after July 1st.

  • Manifests must be created before 11 pm EST.

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