Customize Branded Tracking Emails

In this article, we describe all the features included in the Customer Emails section of the dashboard. Including customization of Branding, Colors, Email Timing, Advertising, and Tracking Event Updates. 

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The Customer Emails Setting is located in Settings > Customer Emails.




When your logo and social media handles are added to Company Settings, you can display them on your customer tracking emails. Click to toggle On.



Email Timing

Select when to send the tracking email to your customer based on label generation timing. Note that if you are connected to a warehouse, you can send them an email when it is marked as handed over to the courier. 


Send Tracking Event Updates 

If you wish to update customers on tracking milestones, you can send additional emails to notify them when the shipment is In Transit, Out for Delivery, Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt, Exception and Delivered.


Click Edit to customize which tracking milestones will trigger an email. 





There is a button labeled Track My Order within the tracking email, which redirects your customer to the branded tracking page. You are able to customize the Button and Text Color to correlate with your branding aesthetic. 



To view an example of your branded tracking email, scroll to the top of the page and click View your Tracking Emails. 


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