Managing Tracking Email Settings

You can choose the amount of time you would like to elapse before the tracking email is sent to your customer. In this article, we will show you how to set up your notification timing on tracking emails. 

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Tracking Email Notification Timing

Step 1:

Navigate to the Settings > Customer Emails section on the left-hand column of the Easyship dashboard



Step 2:

Scroll down to Send Email and specify the amount of time you would like to elapse after label generation before your tracking email is sent. If it is set at 0, then the email will be sent immediately. 




If you are using one of Easyship's partner warehouses, you will see an additional option to send the email notification based on when the warehouse marks the order as handed over to the courier. 

Resend the Tracking Email

It is also possible to find confirmation of when the e-mail was sent, and then resend if you go into the shipping order details. 

Step 1:

Click the icon next to your shipment from the list in the Manage Shipments section. 


Step 2:

Under Notification to Consignee ensure that the receiver's email is input correctly, and click the Resend button. Note that you will see the date when the tracking email was originally sent. 


You should now know how to set up your tracking e-mail notification timing and resend your tracking emails if necessary. 

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