Store Settings

In this article, we will break down every feature that is offered in your Store Settings, and how it can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Once a store is connected to your Easyship account, you can configure the settings by clicking "Connect > *your store*" in your dashboard.


Sync Order Settings

Sync Order settings will allow you to exclude syncing orders going specific countries, choose when to update the order status to 'Fulfilled' in your store and manage customer notifications. 

The excluded countries feature allows you to block orders going to a specific country from syncing to Easyship. For example if you only used Easyship for international orders, you could block your country and fulfill domestic orders elsewhere. 

Choose exactly when to update the order status on Shopify to "Fulfilled". By default, our system will update the status as soon as the order has synced. 

Generally, orders from your store must be synced in "Create shipment > Advanced > Add shipment > Sync from store", however, it is now possible to set up "auto-sync". This will allow Easyship to pull unfulfilled orders from your store as frequently as you want. Note that this feature is only available for users on the "Plus" plan on higher. 

Lastly, it is possible to turn on customer notifications when a shipping label has been generated. By default, this will be turned off. 




Checkout Settings

Firstly you will see an option to add additional process time to shipment delivery estimates at checkout. If you know that you will need a couple of days to process, we recommend adding them to reduce customer expectations.

Don't let your customers get caught off guard when the courier contacts them and requests duty & tax payment. Our system will calculate an estimated duty and tax price based on the order value and destination that your customer input. This will be shown by default, but you may hide it whenever you wish. 

It is possible to create conditional free/ discounted shipping rates at checkout directly through Easyship. You can set minimum order values and maximum shipping discounts. 



Show a courier rating to your customers based on previous receiver data compiled by Easyship. By default, this will be shown at checkout. 

Include pick up fees in the overall cost of your shipping label so that the full shipping cost will be absorbed by the customer. By default, this will be turned off. 




Finally, you can control product automation at checkout. If an order syncs with a product that is not already saved, our system will automatically add the product to your account. This is turned on by default. 

Whilst editing orders, you may realize that product information is incorrect and needs to amended. By turning "Automatically update my products when I edit items while creating shipments" on, our system will update your product list every time a product is amended in your order, however, this will be turned off by default. 

Default dimensions and default product categories will only be used for products that are missing these fields. We recommend adding dimensions and product categories to all saved products on Easyship. This is simply a backup system so that our API can still present rates at checkout for products that are not complete.


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