Link Your Australia Post Account

Please note that before linking your own Australia Post account, you will need an API Key provided by Australia Post. We have highlighted below how to retrieve this from Australia Post as well as how to enter the received details on Easyship to be able to use the solution directly on your dashboard. 

What We'll Cover

To Register for an Australia Post API Key 

  1. First, set up a Developer Centre account (  
    Note: If already registered, or have an Australia Post MyPost account, please login with those details.

  2. Secondly, register for a Shipping & Tracking API Key (
    Click on Complete Registration and fill in the form.

  3. In the next step of the registration form, specify Easyship as the platform partner:
    Are you accessing the API via a Platform Partner? Yes
    Please select your platform partner: Other
    Please provide the name of the platform: Easyship

  4. At the last step of the registration process, specify your Australia Post account#.  Make sure to separate each account by commas in the comment field on the last page/step. 

  5. Wait for your confirmation email, and then follow the steps provided by Australia Post to retrieve your API key. Australia Post should respond within 24 hours. If you have any issues, please contact their Customer Connectivity team (


    Linking your Australia Post Account to Easyship

    Once you have your API key, you can link your account to Easyship.

    Click on Australia Post, then enter your account details and API key to connect. Go to the Couriers page ( and select Add New Courier.
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