How to Cancel Shipments

The process of canceling shipments is dependant on the label generation state and whether or not the shipments are in transit. Shipments, where the label has been used, cannot be canceled. 

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How to Cancel Shipments

Navigate to the Manage Shipments section of the dashboard, select your shipment and click Actions > Cancel Shipments. You can cancel multiple shipments at once.


Canceling Generated Shipments

If you cancel a shipment that has already been generated but is not in transit, the paid amount will be credited back to your account within 10 business days. As the transaction has already occurred with the courier, extra steps need are required by Easyship to ensure the label is void and cannot be used before refunding the cost. 

The amount will appear as a credit on your account but can be refunded in the Account > Payment Methods section of the dashboard. 

Canceling Rejected or Pending Shipments

If you cancel a label that has not been generated (rejected or pending), the paid amount is immediately credited back to your Easyship account. These are shipments in the Manage Shipments > Pending and Manage Shipments > Rejected folders.

Understanding Shipment Tracking Statuses

Canceling In-Transit Shipments

Shipments that are in transit cannot be canceled as the label has already been used. If the tracking rating of the service is Excellent or Regular you can contact support to request a return. 


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