Lost/Damaged Parcels - Couriers with Liability

Sometimes, shipments don’t go as planned. We hate that it happens, and wish that it didn’t.

Sadly the reality of shipping goods is that some shipments will be delayed, get lost, or become damaged in transit. It is important to note that carriers offer different terms and conditions for their shipments. Some courier services include a limited liability in the event that something goes wrong, while others do not.

Carriers that offer liability on Easyship are usually considered to be more premium services and in these cases can offer an included liability, usually between USD$50-USD$100.

If you have shipped goods with a carrier that offers included liability, and your shipment is potentially lost or is received damaged, please contact Easyship directly by completing THIS FORM as soon as possible and we will process your claim with the courier.

Please note that you have to contact Easyship no later than 45 days after the Shipping date to raise a claim as otherwise, the courier will not accept the claim.

Once Easyship has received the claim it will be forwarded to the carrier for investigation. We will try our best to have your claim accepted. On average, however, only 15% of the claims are accepted, and courier investigations are automatically closed (and, thus, the claim rejected) after 45 days if the loss or damage is not acknowledged by the courier.

If this occurs, Easyship is not liable and we are not able to challenge the decision of the carrier.

Carriers usually take between 25 and 45 days to process a claim. Once processing is finalized, Easyship will inform you of the outcome.


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