Lost/Damaged Parcels - Couriers without Liability

Sometimes, shipments don’t go as planned. We hate that it happens, and wish that it didn’t. Sadly the reality of shipping goods is that some shipments will be delayed, get lost, or become damaged in transit. It is important to note that carriers offer different terms and conditions for their shipments. Some courier services include a limited liability in the event that something goes wrong, while others do not.

If your parcel is delayed, damaged or lost with a courier that offers no liability, please note that neither Easyship, nor the Courier, is able to provide any compensation for the item or the shipping cost.

To find out which couriers offer included liability, please check the Courier Pages. Carriers with no included Liability Carriers not offering any liability on Easyship commonly are very competitively priced, which is one reason as to why their services can be offered at such a low cost. These are usually shipments that travel via Postal services, as well as “Hybrid” services.

If you are shipping valuable or important goods, we do recommend to either add our Premium Insurance, or choose a different carrier that offers included liability.


Easyship Insurance No Liability

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