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There are several resources available on the Easyship website to help kickstart your shipping strategy and provide you with all the support you need. In this article, we will explain all the different resources available. 

What We'll Cover

Navigate to the Homepage and hover over the link titled 'Resources'


Tool Kit

We have several tools that will help you throughout your journey to becoming an expert shipper.


  • The Shipping Rates Calculator allows you to find the best worldwide shipping solution, and compare rates instantly, with just a few clicks.

  • Similarly, our Duty & Taxes Calculator allows you to get an accurate estimate of taxes and tariffs within a country, all without having to create an account!

  • The Crowdfunding Calculator is basically a shipping rate calculator expressly for crowdfunding; our crowdfunding clients love this powerful tool, which allows them to generate instant quotes on the spot and get a rough idea of how much they will spend in shipping with their next campaign.

  • Our Shipping Policy Generator creates a shipping policy using a combination of legal and sales best practices that will be tailored to your business. Better than sample templates and generated in minutes.

  • See our Courier Comparison as a complementary tool that enables you to see what lies behind the rates in the Shipping Rates Calculator. There is often a trade-off between shipping cost and level service (that is, shipping lead time, level of support, tracking and reliability of the courier). Courier Comparison allows you to see just that, without having to go through the pain of hours of research on the internet.

  • Shipping Checklist helps you to focus on the right questions while going through the creation of your shipping strategy.

  • The Holiday Fulfillment Checklist helps you draw a timeline and ensure your fulfillment needs are met during holiday and peak seasons.


In this section, you will find manuals that guide you through each and every aspect of eFulfillment, from crowdfunding to warehousing, from international shipping to domestic shipping. We have also included guides that will assist you and provide detailed explanations about some of the toughest challenges in shipping: duties and taxes payment, customs clearance, and holiday shipping.


Learn More

Here you will find some extra resources that will help you during your fulfillment journey.


  • Follow our blog to stay on top of the news, best practices and latest trends in logistics, eCommerce, and eFulfillment.

  • We take technology very seriously at Easyship, and we also have lots of fun with it! We don't want to keep all the fun for us, and we have an open API that is easy to use and thoroughly documented. We empower you to add hassle-free worldwide shipping options to your website, and end-to-end shipping functionality to your warehouse, ERP or platform. Check out Easyship4Developers here.

  • Our mission is to tear down the last barrier to eCommerce - shipping. How can we do that without building and nurturing a community and organize events and webinars to share knowledge (and network) with the best professionals in this field?

  • We have invested a lot of time and energy in our Help Center. Here you can find anything that you need to understand how to use our platform at 100% of its potential. We regularly create and update articles that range from getting you up to speed and introduce you to our app, to explaining new features and answering frequently asked questions.

  • Any question left unanswered? Or perhaps you simply want to connect with the Easyship team? We are always happy to speak with our customers, just let us know why you are contacting us and how we can help through this form, or directly through your Dashboard and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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