How Does Easyship Work

Shipping is the ultimate barrier for eCommerce retailers' success and we understand that it's not easy for any business operating in the online retail space.

At Easyship, our primary goal is to simplify and automate this process with our Shipping platform. We do this by enabling our users to sync orders from their online store, and effortlessly manage shipments via an easy-to-use interface.  We will help you cut shipping costs and allow you to utilize our partners' ecosystem to better serve your customers.

Without shipping automation, an eCommerce business can spend large amounts of time manually creating shipments, absorbing shipping costs, all the while resulting in a subpar customer experience.

Easyship users simply link their eCommerce platform, sync their products, save boxes and our algorithm does the rest. When an order syncs, all shipping, and product information will be saved, and our system will assign the box that is best suited to the products in the order. Our software will sift through multiple different pre-negotiated rates to find the best value shipping solution and auto-select it. 



Alternatively, you can set up our plugin to provide rates at checkout to show your customers multiple shipping options depending on their preferences and needs for delivery time.

We realize that your customers have different needs, and by providing them with cost-effective, best-value, fast shipping solutions at checkout, increased conversions are guaranteed!

Depending on your business model, Easyship can provide different shipping solutions with pre-paid or post-paid taxes and duties.

We can enable free/discounted shipping based on numerous conditions such as order value or destination country. Whether your shipping domestically or internationally we provide all of the required paperwork to get your shipment to the customer's door all by simply downloading the shipping documents associated with the order.

We pride ourselves in servicing almost every country in the world (with some exceptions) which enables our customers to finally start shipping internationally with confidence.

We understand that international import/export policies and HS codes add further complications to international shipping, and it is our goal to simplify this process.

Instead of adding HS codes to your products, you can simply select a product category, and when you print the shipping documents, we will generate a commercial invoice with all the necessary information for hassle-free customs clearance. 


Upon purchasing shipments, Easyship automatically sends customizable tracking emails to your customer, linking to our all-in-one tracking page. We set up triggers so that the orders on your eCommerce platform get marked as fulfilled, and tracking numbers sync to the order profile. 



Instead of enduring the inconvenience of contacting multiple couriers, you can simply reach out to our customer service team about any and all shipments purchased through our platform and we will do our best to get updates for you.

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