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Easyship generates your shipping labels by sending all the inputted shipment details to the selected courier. Once their system receives this data, they will generate the shipping label and it can be downloaded in the Easyship Dashboard.

If the courier's system has any issues with the inputted data, the label won't be generated and an error message will be visible in the Easyship Dashboard.

Most of the time the error code will state that something in the shipment details needs to be changed. In these cases, you can easily fix the issue by editing the shipment details and asking the system to regenerate the label.

Let's Get Started

When a label fails to generate, it will appear in the "Manage Shipments" section of the Easyship Dashboard on the left-hand column under "Rejected".


You will be directed to the following screen:


The failed labels will show one of the following statuses in the right-hand column:

  • Label Rejected - Requires Edit:

    These are labels that can be fixed by you. Click on "Edit Shipment" and you will see the revisions that need to be done.


    Revise the details and click the "Update" button.



  • Label Rejected - Awaiting Courier:

    These are labels that have failed for unknown reasons and Easyship has already reached out to the courier for more information. We will either generate the label as soon as we find a resolution, or our support team will contact you to amend the shipment as per the instructions received from the courier.

  • Label Rejected - Reported:

    When you click "Edit Shipment" you are able to report a rejected label to Easyship. It will then be prioritized by our customer service team and we will try our utmost to have the label generated lightning fast. If the "report" action is not available on our platform, that is because we are already working on a resolution.

    Note that you will not receive any reply or e-mail regarding these reports by default. If you have any questions regarding your rejected label please reach out to us at

Editing Rejected Labels

For step-by-step instructions on how to fix or report your rejected labels please refer to the following guide:

How to Fix a Rejected Label? 


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