Setting Up Your Easyship Account

There are many different ways to customize your Easyship account.

Connect Your eCommerce Store

Easyship allows for direct integration with a variety of eCommerce platforms.

List of eCommerce Integrations

For step-by-step instructions on how to connect your store, please refer to the below guide:

Add New Store – Easyship

If you use your own store, or your platform is not supported by Easyship you can still integrate with Easyship using our open API. The Easyship API allows you to integrate all the key features of Easyship into your system.

For step by step instructions on open API integration, please refer to this guide:

Connect Via API – Easyship


You may want to create a webhook to receive notifications on events that are happening in your Easyship account.

For a step by step guide on connecting webhooks please see the below article:

Connect Webhook – Easyship

Link Your Own Courier Accounts

Easyship supports the linking of your own courier accounts so you can provide your own negotiated rates, but still take advantage of the other great Easyship features. At this time the following couriers are supported:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL Express
  • Australia Post

For step by step instructions on how to link your account(s), refer to the following guide:

Courier – Easyship

Sync Products

Easyship will allow you to upload and save all your product information (SKU, category, dimensions, etc.) to your Easyship account.

There are two main benefits of uploading your products:

  1. When you sync/import your orders, you will no longer have to manually fill in item information — Easyship will automatically pre-fill any blanks with the information stored in the Products list.

  2. If you are showing our shipping rates at your store's checkout, our shipping algorithm will use the exact product details that you have uploaded to calculate more accurate shipping rates. We recommend that you carefully fill in the item information to ensure that these rates are as accurate as possible.

The below guide contains step by step instructions on how to sync your products with Easyship:

Add Product – Easyship

Shipping Rules

Automation that will automatically apply actions to shipments created in your Dashboard or at Checkout. The below article contains a step by step guide on how to set up shipping rules, and what they can be used for:

Shipping Rules – Easyship

Saved Boxes

You can save your different box sizes in Easyship to make sure the declared dimensions of your shipments are always accurate. This article contains a step by step guide on setting up custom box sizes:

Saved Boxes – Easyship

Label Printing Options

By default, all shipping documents are provided in an A4 or Standard Letter sized format. For instructions on how to customize and adjust the formatting of your labels please refer to the below guide:

Label Printing Options – Easyship

Branded Communications

You can customize and brand the communications that are sent to your customer through Easyship:

  • Tracking E-mails
  • Tracking Webpage
  • Packing Slip

You can find a complete setup guide on branded communications here:

Notifications – Easyship

Manage Team Members

You may want to give Easyship access to other members of your team. No problem! The below article contains step by step instructions:

Team Members – Easyship

Manage Account Details

You always have the option of editing account details such as:

  • Company Name
  • Addresses
  • Phone #'s
  • Password
  • Personal Info

Please see the below section for step by step guides:

Account – Easyship - LINK REQUIRED

Adding Credit

Adding credit is an easy way to ensure that your shipments can be fulfilled by anyone on your team. This articles contains a quick guide on how to add credit to your Easyship account:

Payment – Easyship

E-fulfillment Services

Let Easyship help you pick, pack and ship your orders from one of the Easyship warehouses. We currently have warehouses in several locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia which allows you to be closer and ship faster to your customers! 

If you would like to explore the possibility of E-fulfillment services, you can reach out to our sales team here: Contact Us at Easyship

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