Get A Quote

Getting a Quote on Easyship is quick and simple!

In order to get your quote, you will first need to be logged into your Easyship account and view the dashboard. 

If you do not yet have an Easyship account, register here

How to Register

Once logged into your Easyship account, you will be presented with the Easyship Dashboard. The next step is to navigate to the “Get A Quote” link in the left-hand column.


Click this link and you will be presented with the “Get a Quote” tool. Fill out the form with all the required details in order to generate your quote. Double-check that the shipment details are entered accurately to ensure that you receive an accurate quote.

Once your details are entered and double-checked, click on the “Get a Quote” button.

Find detailed information about this section and explaining below picture.


At this point, you will be presented with all the available shipping quotes based on the details that have been entered.


That’s it! You’ve created a quote!

Now that you've created your quote - you may want to create a shipment. Please see the below articles for step by step guides on how to create a shipment.

 Create Shipment - Easy

Create Shipment - Advanced

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