Adding and Editing Products

The Products function allows you to upload and save all of your product information (SKU, category, dimensions, etc.) to your Easyship account. In this guide, we will show you the three different methods of uploading your product information to Easyship. If you have a store connected, we highly suggest syncing products from the store instead of manually adding them to avoid potential system communication issues. 

We'll Cover:

Sync Products From Store (Recommended)

When you connect your store, go to the Product Listing section of the Easyship dashboard and click Add products > Sync from store

Sync Product Button in the Easyship Dashboard

You will be redirected to the new page with a list of all your recently synced products. Note that usually Dimensions and Category fields will be empty, as this is data specific to Easyship, it will need to be added manually. 

You can use the on-site mass editor, which will allow you to change all your product information individually. Alternatively, you can edit your products on Excel or CSV (recommended for large product lists).

Add Products Function in the Easyship Dashboard

Edit Products Function in the Easyship Dashboard

Turning on Auto Sync for Your Products

To avoid constantly updating newly added products, turn on Auto-Sync. 

Step 1:

Go to Connect > *your store* > Products. Under Products click Settings. 


Step 2:

Toggle the Product Sync to On.



Upload Products From a Spreadsheet Template

If you wish to upload all of your products directly via template sheet, simply go to Product Listing > Add Products > Import From File.


Upload all of your products via Import from file function

If you have a store connected, it is best to Export your synced products from the Product Listing section of the dashboard, edit and re-upload accordingly.




Note that when entering the data in the template, it is important that the data matches what is shown on Easyship. For instance, when entering the product category, make sure it is entered in the same format as shown on Easyship. E.G 'Accessory (no-battery)' and not 'Accessory no battery'. You also have the option of downloading a template however if you have a store connected, we do not suggest manually entering all product information from a blank CSV.


Upload your CSV file in the Easyship dashboard


Add Products Manually On-site

There is always an option to add products manually on-site if you want a smooth and simple method. Go to 'Product Listing > Add products > Manual Input'.


Manual Input Button in the Easyship dashboard

You will be prompted to manually fill in all product fields accordingly.


Product information fields to manually fill in

Once you click, 'Save', you will be redirected to the product listing page where you can view all of your newly added products and make amendments if need be.

Newly added products list in the Easyship dashboard

 Feel free to contact if you run into any issues. 

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