How to Create Multiple Shipments Advanced

While creating a single shipment using the “Basic” option is fast and easy, there may be times when you need to create multiple or even hundreds of shipments at once. In this article, we will discuss the ways you can create multiple shipments with Easyship using the “Create Advanced Shipments" feature.

Getting Started

1) Navigate to the "Create Advanced Shipments" section by clicking on the appropriate link in the left-hand column of the Easyship Dashboard.


2) From here click on the icon in the top left corner titled “Add Shipments”. You will be presented with 3 options:

  • Create A Shipment
  • Import from file
  • Link your eCommerce Store

Import from file

Please refer to this article for a step by step guide on how to create shipments via file upload:

Create Shipment by CSV

Link your eCommerce Store

Please refer to this article for a step by step guide on how to create shipments via store sync:

Store Sync – Easyship

Create A Shipment

This is the most basic option for creating multiple shipments. Here you can add your shipments manually one by one and then fulfill them all at the same time.

Generating Multiple Shipments

Step 1.

Click the “Create a shipment” option from the drop-down menu. In the first section, you will be asked to provide the destination address details. Double-check that the address details are entered accurately to ensure that your shipment will arrive at the correct destination.


For more information regarding the “Residential Address” field please navigate to the following article:

Residential Address Identifier – Easyship

Once your details are entered and double-checked click on the “Next” button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 2.

In section 2 you will be asked to provide specific details on your shipment.

mceclip3.png1. Box Dimensions and Weight (Please ensure that these details are entered accurately as couriers will often re-measure and weigh your parcel.)

2. Insurance (You can find more information on Easyship Insurance here)

3. Sales Channel

4. Order Number

5. Taxes and Duties (If this is an international shipment, choose who will be responsible for import fees.)

6. Company SKU

7. Item Description (This needs to be an accurate description of the item being shipped, ie “Brown Leather Bag” and not “BLB43215”)

8. Item Category (Choose the category that most accurately represents the item being shipped)

9. Customs value (This needs to be the transactional value of the item, ie the exact amount being paid by the receiver for this product)

Please note that a single shipment in Easyship refers to one package. If there are multiple items in your shipment, they will all need to be packaged in the same box/container.

Before moving on to your next shipment, double-check that all the information is entered accurately.

Once you’ve confirmed that your shipment details are accurate click on the “Add Shipment” button in the bottom right-hand corner.

The shipment should now appear in your shipment list with Easyship's #1 pick chosen as the courier.


If you would like to make any changes to the shipping details, or choose a new courier simply click on the section you would like to modify.


Repeat this process as many times as needed until all your shipments have been uploaded.

Step 3.

Once you have uploaded all your shipments, and are ready to ship, checkbox your selections and click the “Ship” button on the top right-hand corner.


Step 4.

In the next section, you will be presented with up to 2 service options (Pick Up, or Drop Off). Choose whichever option best suits your needs and confirm that the pick-up address is accurate.


Once your selections are confirmed move onto the final step by clicking on the “Next” button in the top right-hand corner.


Step 5.

On the payment screen, you can select a credit card already linked to your account, or add a new one by entering your credit card details.


Once your details are confirmed click the “Confirm” button in the top right corner.


Step 6.

Once the payment has processed we will generate your shipping documents. Print these documents out and attach them to your packages.

You can find your shipping labels under the “Manage Shipments > To Download” section of your Easyship Dashboard. Checkbox the labels you wish to download and then click the download button in the top right corner.


Step-by-step instructions can be found here: Download Shipping Label – Easyship

That’s it! You’ve created multiple shipments!

Now just wait for the courier to arrive during your scheduled pick-up time, or drop your parcels off at the courier's nearest location.

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