Refund Your Account Balance

It is now possible to withdraw funds that you have credited to your Easyship account, directly to your method of payment, via the dashboard.

First, open the Payment Methods menu. 

Then,  select REFUND CREDITS:


You will then be asked to confirm:


Once completed, you will see this pop up:


If you go into your Billing details, you will find the details of the Refund that you have processed:


Once completed, you will receive an email summary of the transaction:



  • To process a refund, the funds must have been added via a Credit Card active on Easyship, not through PayPal or a bank transfer.

  • We can only refund up to the amount the Payment method has processed on the platform

    • If you only used your Credit Card to pay $20$ but you have $30 on your balance we can only refund your card up to $20. The remainder will be processed manually by the Easyship team.

  • We refund transactions starting from the most recent and refund each one by one until the full balance is completely refunded.

  • It is not possible to select which card you require the refund to be issued to, we will refund the most recently used payment method which is saved to your Easyship account.

  • It is not possible to specify an amount to Refund, each time we will refund the total amount in your Easyship balance.

Note that processing times for the method of payment refunds will take approximately 5 working days. 


Request a Refund

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