Connect Your Amazon Store (US-MX-CA-BR Only)

This article will show you how to connect your Amazon store to Easyship. 

About the Connection

With Amazon connected to Easyship, you'll be able to: 

  • Sync unfulfilled orders from Amazon to your Easyship dashboard. 
  • Store products will import automatically when orders sync and can be edited accordingly. 
  • The system will mark the store order as fulfilled upon label generation and send Amazon the tracking number. 

Connecting Your Amazon Store to Easyship

Step 1: On your seller's dashboard, navigate to Partner Network > Find Apps and Services.

Find apps and services.png

Step 2: Search for Easyship, and on the integration profile, click Authorize Now. 


Step 3: Under the Developer's Name, enter Easyship. Under Developer's ID, enter 019223583452.

seller ID.png
Upon clicking Next, a Seller ID and MWS Auth Token will generate.

Step 4: Easyship will need these keys to set up the integration. With the keys, go back to Easyship; in the Connect > New Integration section of the dashboard, click Amazon and input the Seller ID and Auth Token.

Easyship and Amazon connect page

Additional Information

  • Due to Amazon restrictions, specific fields cannot be edited when syncing orders. These fields include SKU, Product Description, Currency, Value, and Quantity
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