Connect Your Amazon Store (US-MX-CA-BR Only)

Go to the Permissions page of the country where you have your store

Amazon Canada

Amazon Mexico

Amazon US

Amazon BR


  1. At the page, scroll down and select the 'Authorize a developer' button

  2. For Canada, Mexico, US and BR, in the 'Developer's Name', put in 'Easyship'; in 'Developer's ID', put in '019223583452'


    Add Developer's Name in Amazon MWS
  4. At the end of the process you will be given a 'Seller ID', and 'MWS Auth Token'

    Blurred Seller ID and MWS Auth Token Example

    5. Easyship will need these keys to set up the integration, please write them down.
    With the keys, go back to Easyship; at the Amazon connect page, input: 'Seller ID' and the 'Auth Token'

    Easyship and Amazon connect page

If you have followed the instructions correctly, you will now be able to connect to Amazon.

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