Connect Your Shoptiq Store

Shoptiq is a Singapore-based eCommerce platform. This article will cover how to connect your Shoptiq store with Easyship.

Connecting Your Shoptiq Store to Easyship

These steps are to be followed on Shoptiq prior to your attempt to connect through the Easyship website.

Step 1: Log in to your Shoptiq account and navigate to the app store. Search for the Easyship App and select Install.


Step 2: You will now be asked to confirm your authorization to provide Easyship access to your store data then select Install.


 Step 3: The next screen you will see will be for adding in your Easyship information, including an API access token. Have this screen available and go to your other browser tab with the Easyship Dashboard open.L6.jpg

Now that the Easyship app has been installed on the Shoptiq site, it is time to connect it with your Easyship dashboard through our API.

Step 4: Navigate to the Connect section on the left-hand column of the Easyship Dashboard, click Connect > New Integration.


Step 5: After selecting New Integration, you will be redirected to a screen with logos of our platform integrations. Select the button with the Shoptiq logo.



Step 6: After selecting Shoptiq, a popup will appear where you will be prompted to enter your store name. Once entered, select Connect.



Step 7: Once connected, you will receive your Tokens and API keys. Click the API key to copy the code to your clipboard.



Step 8: After retrieving the Easyship API Key, go back to your Shoptiq window and enter the API key in the proper field as well as the rest of the fields in the dialog box. These are:

  • Origin Country Code (which will automatically be set to SG)
  • Origin Postal Code
  • Include Shipping Insurance (select yes or no)
  • Taxes & Duties to be Paid by (select sender or receiver)
  • Default Item Categories

After entering in that information, select 'Save'


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