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Now that your shipment is in transit, there are a few things you may want to monitor. In this article, we will show you how to track your shipment's progress and explain the meaning behind certain status updates.

We'll Cover:

Tracking Shipment Progress

It doesn't hurt to track the shipment's progress in your Easyship Dashboard to ensure that it's delivered successfully. Simply navigate to the Manage Shipments > All section by locating it on the left-hand column of your Dashboard.

All Feature to Manage and Track Shipments Progress

Here you will be shown a list of all your shipments.

Shipments List Example

For more specific tracking details click on the hyperlinked tracking ID. 

By default, tracking emails are sent to your customer. To customize and add branding, visit the following article: Customize Branded Tracking Emails.

Shipping Status Updates Explained

One of the following status updates will be shown in the right-hand column:

  • Label Pending - A label is pending, this means that the label has not been generated yet

  • Label Generated - A label has been generated, the next step is to schedule a drop-off or pickup

  • Drop Off Scheduled - A Parcel is scheduled to be dropped off at the designated location

  • Pickup In Progress - A Courier is in the progress of picking up your parcel from the pickup location

  • Pending Tracking Event - This means that the parcel is in transit and waiting to be scanned at the first tracking point. 

  • Tracking Info Received - This status is that we have received information that the parcel is in transit to the next destination

  • In Transit - Your parcel is in transit and we are waiting for it to arrive at its destination

  • Out For Delivery - The parcel has arrived at its destination and is out for delivery

  • Delivered - The parcel has been delivered to the consignee

  • Failed Delivery Attempts - The courier was unable to deliver the parcel

  • Exceptions - The parcel is in Customs/Warehouse pending an update on documentation or investigation

You can also see a quick breakdown of all current shipments statuses at the bottom of the Analytics section of your Easyship Dashboard 

Shipping Status Updates Example

Please reach out to with any questions you may have. 

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