Import Duties and Taxes Explained

When shipping internationally, your shipment may be subject to import duties and taxes. These additional charges are calculated based on the item type and value. Every country taxes items differently.

Import duty is a tax imposed by a government on goods from other countries. This increased price on imported goods is meant to make these products less "desirable" so buyers are encouraged to support the domestic market.

With Easyship you can choose to deliver shipments with duties pre-paid (DDP) or with duties unpaid (DDU) with a click of a button. 

It's common to hear the words "tariff" and "duty" used interchangeably, however, there is a slight difference in definition.

A tariff is the taxed percentage of an item. For example, if I import a carpet to the United States, US Customs would charge a tariff of 4.5%.

Import duty is the actual amount of money paid on the imported product, and this value depends on the quantity imported. In the case of the carpet to the US, when importing $1,000 worth of carpets, the import duty would be $45.

To learn more about what duties and taxes that would be applied to your particular shipment, you can use the Easyship Tax & Duty Calculator

Easyship Tax and Duty Calculator

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