Shipment Information | Shipping Details

The Easyship dashboard allows you to review all of your current and previous shipment information with ease. In this article, we will show you how to locate your shipment information. 

Shipment Information

Step 1.

Navigate to the 'Manage Shipments>All' section on the left-hand column of the Easyship Dashboard.

All Button to Access Shipment Information

If you know what shipment you're looking for you can use the 'Search' feature at the top of the page:

Search feature to find shipment information

For instructions on how to use the 'Filters' feature, refer to this guide.

Step 2.

Now that you've located the shipment, click on the 3 dots in the far right-hand column

3 dots button to check shipment details

Step 3.

You will now be directed to a window that shows all the shipment information

Shipment details in the Easyship Dashboard
That's it! If you still have questions, please send an email to 


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