Connect Your Groupon Store

Groupon is a marketplace where brands can sell their goods for a discount. This article will go over how to connect your Groupon merchant account to Easyship.

Before We Get Started

To successfully connect your Groupon store to the Easyship platform you will need to have the following information ready:

  • Your Supplier ID - you will need to contact your Groupon Representative in your store's country to receive it

  • An Access Token - instructions for getting this will be explained below in the section Creating Your Own Access Token

Should you already have this information then please skip ahead to the section below called Integration Steps for Your Groupon Store.

Creating Your Own Access Token

Navigate to the Commerce Interface by clicking on this link, and follow the instructions to create an access token. You will need to select your store's country and then provide your vendor login details (email and password).

NOTE - Remember to save this token somewhere as once you have created this token you can not see it again. Should you forget to save it, disable the token and generate a new one.

Integration Steps for Your Groupon Store

Step 1: Add New Integration

In the Easyship dashboard, go to 'Connect > New Integration' 
Enter an appropriate store name for the store that you are setting up and then select the country that this Groupon store belongs to.


Step 2: Select platform

From the list of Easyship platforms, click on the Groupon logo.


Step 3: Enter Details

In the popup enter the following:

  • Store name
  • Store category
  • Default dimensions
  • Country
  • Access token
  • Supplier ID (this must be obtained via your Groupon representative)


Step 4: Connect

Once all of the details are correctly entered, click 'connect'


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