Link Your DHL Express Account

What we'll cover:

Creating a DHL Express Account

1. Register for a DHL Express account at

  • Company Name
  • Email Address
  • Password (Web Login)

2. Wait for DHL Customer Service to contact you to get more information about you and/or your business.

Wait for DHL Sales to get in touch to go over your account details. They may have additional queries about your business before an account can be opened and they will need the following items:

  • Credit card authentication form (if you have no landline)
  • Account Opening Application Form
  • Copy of Business Registration

3. Wait for DHL Sales to send the contract

  • Receive contract
  • Sign and submit contract back to DHL

4. Approval: 3 business days from the day of submission for the account to become active

Once the account has been approved you will receive your account number from DHL.

5. Web Login: Link the web login with DHL account number -

Once you have your account number you can log in to DHL online using your details: 

  • DHL Account Number
  • Email Address
  • Password

6. Developer Access - To request Password and Site ID

Moving forward, you'll also need developer access from DHL. 

  • Register on the DHL Express XML Portal:
  • When registering, please indicate “Easyship” in the field titled, "Describe the application and business process where XML Services will be used."

7. Approval: 2 business days from the day of submission

  • Receive Password and Site ID

8. Integration (Make sure that the DHL account is set up in same region as your Easyship account)

At this point, our Technical team will reach out to DHL internally to facilitate the account integration. When DHL provides us with the all clear, DHL will contact you directly via email the production Password and Site ID.


Adding your DHL Express Account to Easyship 

It's possible to add your personal Courier Accounts on Easyship. 

1. To add a courier, go to your Easyship dashboard and navigate to the 'Couriers' section on the left-hand column. 

Once there, click 'Add new courier'

You will then see a list of all the couriers that can currently be linked to Easyship.


2. Once you have selected the courier which you have a personal account with, you will need to provide some account information. 


3. Once you've successfully entered all the information, the courier will be added.

Please note that Easyship does not know your contractual situation with the courier, which is why you'll be prompted to enter your Pickup and DDP handling fees. If not provided, we will assume that your pickup fee is $0 and that your DDP fee is HKD$100/US$10/SG$10/AUD$10. 

This fee will automatically be added to your rates and quotations. 



Change your courier settings 

1. To change your courier settings, passwords, or handling fees, click your courier of choice. 


2. Once clicked, you can see the following: 

Account information
The Displayed Account Name
Account Number
Site ID or other required information from the courier. 

Pickup fee
DDP Handling fee

Delete account


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