Link Your DHL Express Account

This article will describe how to link your DHL account to Easyship. 

Linking your DHL Express Account to Easyship 

Navigate to the Couriers section of the dashboard, click Add new courier, and select DHL Express

Step 1: Input requested information. 


How To Find a Site ID?

To obtain a Site ID, you must register for credentials on the DHL Express XML Developers Portal. To register, fill in this form. Please get in touch with DHL Support if you're having trouble generating a Site ID. 

Step 2: Once you've successfully entered all the information, the courier will be added. Note that Easyship does not know your contractual situation with the courier, which is why you'll be prompted to enter your pickup and DDP handling fees. If not provided, we will assume that your pickup fee is $0 and your DDP fee is HKD$100/US$10/SG$10/AUD$10. This fee will automatically be added to your rates and quotations. 

Changing Courier Settings 

You may change courier settings, passwords, or handling fees saved on your courier account. 

Step 1: Click on DHL Express under Your own courier accounts. 


Step 2: Change one of the following fields. 

Account Information

  • The Displayed Account Name
  • Account Number
  • Site ID or other required information from the courier
  • Password


  • Pickup fee
  • DDP Handling fee
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