Link Your UPS Account

Easyship is now a certified UPS Ready®provider.

We currently support two methods to link your UPS account but if you are new to Easyship, we highly recommend selecting the UPS (UPS Ready®Certified) option. 

This will give you access to a wider range of UPS only features and reduce connection issues.
If you choose to use the UPS option, please note that it will no longer be supported in 2021. To continue using your UPS account, you will need to upgrade to UPS Ready®Certified ( before the end of the year.


UPS Ready is not available for the following countries using these instructions:

  • RO (Romania)

  • NZ (New Zealand)

if you are looking to link your account from the above countries, please contact support and provide your credentials to allow our Tech team to connect for you.


Steps to Link Your UPS Account

1. Go to Couriers and select UPS (UPS Ready®Certified)


2. Read and review the UPS Access License Agreement


3. In Step 2 and 3, you will need to input your UPS account details for
verification. If your account has been issued an invoice from UPS in the last 90
days, you will be asked to provide information from a recent invoice.


4. Once completed, you can access your account and decide your settings.

Change your courier settings 

1. To change your courier settings, passwords, or handling fees, select your courier of choice. 




For more information on UPS boxes, check out our Blog page -

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