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IMPORTANT: From 12 November 2020, please follow the new flow outlined in this article - 

Please note that before linking your own UPS account, you will need an API Key provided by UPS. We have highlighted below how to retrieve this from UPS, as well as how to enter the received details on Easyship so you can use your UPS account directly on your dashboard.

How to Request a UPS Access Key

1. After registering on UPS, go to the UPS Developer Kit page. Under How to Get Started, click on request an access key and fill out the form. 


2. The access key will be sent to your email. You should receive an Access Key, and now you should also have User ID, Password, Account Number from registering.

Linking your UPS Account to Easyship

Once you have your access key, you can link your account to Easyship.

Navigate to the Couriers page on the left-hand column of the Easyship dashboard and select Add New Courier.

Select UPS, then enter your account details and access key to connect.
Note: Your username and password are the same as the ones you use to log into the UPS portal.


Change your courier settings 

1. To change your courier settings, passwords, or handling fees, select your courier of choice. 


2. Once selected, you can see the following: 

Account information
Account Name
Account Number
Site ID or other required information from the courier. 

Pickup fee
DDP Handling fee

Delete account



A UPS Pak is a padded, secure, or watertight box for sensitive or regulated items; size varies:

Item Size
Regular - 12.75" x 16" (325 mm x 408 mm),

Large - 17.73" x 16.15" (450 mm x 410 mm)


For more information on UPS boxes, check out our Blog page -

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