How to Filter Shipments (Advanced Search)

When you have hundreds or even thousands of shipments to sort through it can be difficult to find the ones you're looking for. This is where the 'Filter' tool is useful.

Step 1.

Navigate to the 'Manage Shipments' or 'Create Shipments Advanced' section on the left-hand column of the Easyship Dashboard.


Here you'll be shown a list of your entire shipment history:

Shipment history overview
Step 2.
Type in your search query in the box and press Enter/Return

Step 3.

Click on the 'Filters' button above the shipment list

Click on the filter button

Step 4.

You'll now be shown a list of all the filter options:


Step 5.

Input your values

You can now make multiple selections and specify via our Search to make the whole process quicker

Step 6.
You can also go back and add more Filters as you go, you can see from this image here, the Filters you are already using have been highlighted:
With our new Elastic Search, searching for individual shipments and filtering by a specific value is much faster than ever before.
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