Connect Your Weebly Store

Weebly is an eCommerce platform from the payment tool, Square. This article will go over how to connect your Weebly site with Easyship.

Before We Get Started

To successfully connect your Weebly store to our Easyship platform, your store must be on the Starter Plan or above.

Integration Steps for Your Weebly Store

Step 1: Add New Integration

Navigate to 'Connect >New Integration' on the left-hand column of the Easyship dashboard.


Step 2: Select Store

In the list of platforms, click the Weebly logo.

Add new Weebly Integration in the Easyship Dashboard

Step 3: Go To Weebly App Center

After clicking the logo, you will be asked to install the free Easyship extension from the Weebly app center. Click on prompt for the free extension to continue to the app center.

Select Weebly Logo in Easyship

Step 4: Install Extension

From the App Center, you will be immediately redirected to the Easyship app page. From here, click "Add".

Connect Weebly Store to Easyship

Step 5: Select Store

You will now be prompted to choose which site you would like to add Easyship. Select the site and click "continue" in the upper right-hand corner of the box.

Select Weebly Site to Integrate with Easyship

Step 6: Navigate to Easyship

After clicking continue, you will be redirected to the Easyship site. Where you will select from logging in with your existing Easyship account or creating a new account.

Log in to Eayship Account to use Weebly

You can select Create An Account if you don't have an Easyship account, or Easyship Login if you have an existing account. 

Easyship Login 

If you have an Easyship account already, all you need to do is fill in your email address and password. Click Login, and your store should be successfully linked.

Successful Weebly and Easyship Integration

Once logged in, access the Easyship dashboard and you can start shipping.

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