Connect Your TradeGecko Store

TradeGecko is a Singapore based inventory management platform for B2B eCommerce sites. 

Integrating with TradeGecko from Easyship

Step 1: Select New Integration

In the Easyship dashboard, go to 'Connect > New Integration' and select the TradeGecko logo.

Connect Button to Select Tradegecko

Step 2: Connect TradeGecko

From the list of Easyship integrated platforms, select the button labeled TradeGecko.



Step 3: Enter Store Details

In the pop-up dialog box, you will be asked to fill in the following:

  • Store Name
  • Default Product Category
  • Default Dimensions

Once all the information is completed, select the 'Connect' button. 

Connect TradeGecko and Easyship

Step 4: Log in to your TradeGecko Account

You will now be redirected to a login screen for TradeGecko. Enter your login credentials and select Sign in to your account'

Enter TradeGecko login credentials

Step 5: Authorize Easyship

After logging in, you will see a dialog box asking you to authorize access for Easyship to access your TradeGecko account. Select 'Authorize'

Authorize access for Easyship

Step 6: Connect Store

After authorizing Easyship, your account will now be successfully connected to Easyship.


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