How to Create Shipments on Easyship

Creating a shipment on Easyship can be done in multiple ways. We will touch on the two primary methods: Basic and Advanced. Basic involves manually entering the information required and creating a shipment in just five easy steps. Advanced will fulfill multiple orders at once and is primarily used by customers who sync orders from an integrated store. 

In this article, we break down how to create a Basic shipment and use the Advanced creation function step by step.

We'll cover:

Create Shipments - Basic

Step 1: Create Shipment

Navigate to the Create Shipments > Basic section of the dashboard.


Creating a shipment will be broken down into 5 Steps. You will now be presented with section 1 of the Create Shipment tool.

Enter the address and receiver information. Once your details are entered and double-checked click on the Shipment Info button on the top right-hand corner.


Step 2: Add Shipment Information

In this step, you will be asked to provide specific details on your shipment.

  • Box Dimensions and Weight (Please ensure that these details are entered accurately as couriers will often re-measure and weigh your parcel.)
  • Insurance (Learn more about Easyship insurance, it is highly recommended)
  • Sales Channel (where the sale is from)
  • Order Number (if it is related to a sale)
  • Taxes and Duties (if this is an international shipment, choose who will be responsible for import fees.)
  • Product SKU (Stock keeping unit)
  • Item Description (This needs to be an accurate description of the item being shipped, ie "Brown Leather Bag" and not "Bag")
  • Item Category (Choose the category that most accurately represents the item being shipped)
  • Customs value (This needs to be the transactional value of the item, ie the exact amount being paid by the receiver for this product)

Please note that a single shipment in Easyship refers to one package. If there are multiple items in your shipment, they will all need to be packaged in the same box/container.

Before moving onto the next step, double-check that all the information is entered accurately.

Once you’ve confirmed that your shipment details are accurate click on the Choose Courier button on the top right-hand corner of the page.



Step 3: Choose Your Courier

You will be presented with all the courier options available for the shipment (Best Value, Cheapest, Fastest).

More information on how we compare couriers here. Choose your preferred courier option and to continue, click Your Info.



Step 4: Handover Options & Add-ons

Firstly, select your insurance status. We highly recommend purchasing insurance on all shipments as Easyship will not be liable in the case of a lost or damaged shipment. 


Secondly, select your handover option. We are using USPS in this example and the service offers both pickup or drop-off. 



Once your insurance and handover options are confirmed, move onto the final step by clicking on the "Payment" button in the top right-hand corner.

Step 5: Payment

 You can select a credit card already linked to your account, or add a new one by entering your credit card details. Once your details are confirmed click the Confirm button in the top right corner.

Create Shipments - Fulfil Store Orders (Advanced)

The advanced shipment creation function is used by merchants with a store connection. In this example, we will use Shopify, but the process is the same with any direct store plugin. In order for your order fulfillment process to work on autopilot, you must ensure products are synced and saved with the required information as well as having saved boxes set up. 

Step 1: Sync shipments

Navigate to the Create Shipments > Advanced section on the left-hand column of the Easyship Dashboard.

Click Add Shipments, and select the store you wish to sync from. 



Step 2: Select orders you wish to ship

Select the orders that you wish to sync, and click "Ship".



Step 3: Handover Options & Add-ons

On this, you will select insurance and handover options. Start by purchasing insurance, which we highly recommend in case of loss or damage.



If you are fulfilling shipments from multiple couriers, you will need to select a handover option for each courier individually. 

Step 4: Payment

Once handover options are selected You can select a credit card already linked to your account, or add a new one by entering your credit card details. Once your details are confirmed click the Confirm button in the top right corner.

Download Shipping Labels

Once the payment has been processed we will generate your shipping documents. Print these documents out and attach them to your package.

Step 1.

You can find your recently generated shipment in Manage Shipments > To Download.



Step 2.

Check the label you wish to download and then click the download button in the top right corner.



Now just wait for the courier to arrive during your scheduled pick-up time, or drop your parcel off at the courier's nearest location.  

For more detailed instructions on how to download and print your shipping labels please refer to the following guides.



Q: Do I need to be a business to create a shipment with Easyship?

A: No, you can use the basic shipment creation function if you do not have a store. However, understanding the terms of commercial shipping is important if you are a personal shipper. Make sure you ensure your shipments, as Easyship nor the courier can be held accountable for loss or damage. 

Q: What store can I connect and sync orders from?

A: In the "Connect" section of the dashboard you will be presented with a list of available stores to connect. Additionally, you can locate a list of supported integrations here.

Q: How do I know which courier to use?

A: If you want a slow and economic solution with limited tracking, you can purchase a cheap/best value option. For a fast and reliable solution go with a courier with a higher tracker level. The higher the tracking level, the faster and more reliable the service! More information on our track levels can be found here.

Q: Are returns free?

A: Most of the time, when a shipment gets returned you will not be refunded. However, there are occasions where a refund is applicable and can be requested with our support team. Most commonly, international shipments that are returned before leaving the destination country can be refunded. 


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