Add Social Media Pages To Tracking Email

In this guide, we will show you how to add and edit your Social Media channels on your customized tracking page and tracking e-mail.

Step 1. 

Ensure that you have enabled "Show Contact Information" in the Settings section in each communication you want your social media channels to be visible.

Enable Contact and Social Media in the Easyship Dashboard 

Step 2.

Navigate to the “Account” section on the left-hand column of the Easyship Dashboard and click and click the link titled “Company”. 

Edit Social Media Channels in the Company Function

From here you can add/edit all your social media channels and customize all the information that appears in your branded communications (Company Logo, Company Name, Homepage URL, Contact Page URL, and more). 

Step 2.

Type in or copy/paste the links to your Social Media pages in the relevant sections.

Add Social Media Pages in Easyship

Step 3.

When you are happy with your selections, double-check that everything is accurate and click the “Save” button.

Save Social Media Channels

You should now know how to add and edit your social media channels to your tracking page and tracking e-mail.


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