How to Sync Your Store Orders

Every time you have new orders in your store that have been paid for and are waiting to be shipped, you need to synchronize them to Easyship. 

The first time you connect your store, your orders will be automatically downloaded onto the Easyship dashboard after you have synced with us, and you can view the orders and create labels instantly. 

The next time you need to sync your store; in the Easyship Dashboard, go to 'Create shipments' and then press the 'Add Shipments' button in the upper left corner.

Create shipment after sync store orders

Once selected, choose the way you wish to sync your orders, either directly from the store, through file upload, or manually input. 

Options to sync store orders

If you choose Store Sync, you get to choose which of your stores you want to sync your orders from. Or you have the option to add a store. 

List of stores to sync orders

When you have pressed sync, the orders should be uploaded to your Easyship account and you can continue to process them. 

Example of sync orders uploaded in the Easyship account

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