Billing Adjustments: Shipping Charges

To ensure that our Billing process remains consistent and transparent, if your account requires a further debit or credit, we will inform you of this with a message on your Dashboard, 5 days ahead of any adjustment.

Here is an example of how this process works:

Tuesday 8am UTC

When you open your Dashboard, you will receive a message with any adjustments that were gathered in the previous calendar week, this image will be shown:

Easyship Billing Adjustment Message

In your Billing page, these transactions will be marked as 'Pending'.

Friday 8am UTC

On this day, all pending transactions will be completed, we will charge all pending transactions to the credit card marked as 'Shipments' as per our terms and conditions. In the Billing page, the status of these transactions will change from 'Pending' to reflect the date they were completed.

If you do not have a credit card linked to your account and there are outstanding amounts to be debited, your Easyship ES balance will become negative and you will be required to clear this before you make a new shipment.

If you already have credit on your account, the payment will simply be taken from this balance.

Monday 8am UTC 

On this day we will issue a Current Invoice email that will display the charges for the previous week.

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