Fallback Options on Store Integration

When integrating your store, there are fallback options if you do not input your full product information. This article will explain how this works and how you can amend these options.

Fallback types

Under your store page and in the Products section you will find your Fallback options.

  • Default Product Dimensions: each missing item's dimensions will be replaced by these values in order to calculate rates.
  • Default Shipping Box: If the items are missing dimensions and therefore we are unable to calculate them, this box will be used for your shipment by default.
  • No Fallback: You have the option of selecting 'No Fallback' which means that no dimensions will be used and we will process purely by the weight of the items. To do this, simply leave the 'Default Shipping Box' field blank when connecting your store, and this option will be selected.

In your Fallback Options, you can change between Default Product Dimensions or Default Shipping Box, or No Fallback, depending on your preference.

Note: These fallback types apply for every platform and every store, but each store that you integrate can be configured individually.

If you are an existing user, you will have Product Dimensions as the selected Fallback option, but as mentioned above, this is easy to change.

If your account already has saved Boxes, you now have the ability to select your existing boxes while connecting a store instead of creating a new one:


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