How to Filter Shipments (Saved Views)

When you have hundreds or even thousands of shipments to sort through it can be difficult to find the ones you're looking for, now using our Filters you can hold on to your most-used Views and save them to filter your shipments, quickly and easily.


After you have chosen the Filters that you wish to sort by, go to the Menu at All shipments and you can label and save this view so you can come back to it easily:


you can save and create as many different Views as you need, switching between each as is required. You can also amend and update a saved View if you need to change the parameters of the Filters you have chosen: 


You can set the views to Filter your shipments in Create Shipments and Manage Shipments, but the saved Views will be unique to those two different sections:


Keeping track of your shipments will now be simpler than ever before.



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