Connect Your BackerKit Store

BackerKit is a crowdfunding tool that will help you collect surveys, increase pledge amounts, handle email support, and directly integrate with Easyship for seamless fulfillment.

To begin, simply go to your Easyship Dashboard and select Connect followed by New integration


Head down to the bottom of the options towards API Integration:


Then input the name of your BackerKit store and hit Connect:


You will then be able to see the Access Token that has been generated


Copy this code and head over to your BackerKit account and select Fulfillment - 

Then 'Connect to Services' and 'Add New Connection'

When you are asked to select an integration service, click Easyship, then add the token and save:BK1.pngBK3.png

The integration will then be complete. Once completed you will have access to the BackerKit dashboard and will have the means to integrate your orders with Easyship.

Backerkit is a push integration which means the order management will need to be processed on the BackerKit side.


For more information on Importing Orders via BackerKit, see our article here.


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