Managing Pickups Directly From Your Dashboard

You can now manage your Pickups directly from your dashboard. This article explains how the feature works and everything you can do with it.

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Pickups Dashboard

On the left-hand menu, click Pickups. 


On this page, you can find the following columns: Courier, Date & Time, Details of the shipment, the Pickup ID, the Pickup Address, the Status of the Pickup, and a list of optionable Actions.

There are three primary filters for the information; click once on the filter to reveal the corresponding pickups, and click again to return to the main page.

Pickups Happening

In this filter, you will see all Pickups that are scheduled within the Pickup window, for example: 


In this example, Aramex arrives today between 10 am and 6 pm to pick up two shipments.

Pickup Requests Failed 

Occasionally, Pickup requests are unsuccessful; often, this is due to incorrect information submitted, e.g., address details. 

You can now see via your dashboard when this is the case, and we make it easy for you to make a fix by using the actions (see below):


Estimated Courier No Show

This filter allows you to monitor pickup no-shows and will enable you to make other arrangements.



As highlighted above, the pickups page gives you the power to change your pickup requests based on the situation, time, and courier:

Edit pickup info


This action will allow you to go into the Request and edit any incorrect information, such as the address:


In the above example, too many characters are in the address provided. You can now amend this based on our instructions, and when you update, the status should change to Requested Successfully.


This action allows you to reschedule if you wish to change the date and time of your pickup.



Cancel Pickups

This action will allow you to cancel a pickup if you no longer wish to process the shipment in this way.



We will ask you if you are sure before confirming because, in most cases, there are costs associated with a pickup that may not be refunded.

Mark as Resolved


This action will be mostly used within the Estimated No Show filter, e.g., the shipment has been successfully picked up, and you wish to complete it to move it to remove it from this section.


Ask for Support


Click on the phone icon, and you will see a pop up that includes full details of the pickup, including contact details for the relevant courier support team:


If you cannot schedule a pickup after speaking directly to the courier, select "Report the issue" to contact support. 


You will be able to see it here as "Issue reported": Screen_Shot_2020-08-19_at_12.28.15_PM.png

Meaning the internal team is aware of the problem and will work to fix it.

Unavailable Actions

Unfortunately, not all handlers allow us to perform all actions remotely. 

The actions Edit Pickup, Reschedule and Cancel will sometimes be unavailable depending on the courier and the circumstances.

The actions: Mark as resolved and Ask for support are always available.


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