Connect Your Easyship App With Zapier

Zapier is a simple to use tool for connecting different web apps. Zapier pulls information between 1,000+ apps automatically, to save you time on manual integrations. You can use the Easyship Zapier integration to automate workflows to suit your Easyship requirements, such as processing a new shipment, creating a label, tracking updates, and more.

Installing the app and connecting your account

Simply go into your dashboard through Connect and select New integration:


Then select Zapier from our list of integrations:


Follow the link to connect to our Beta Program:


You will then be redirected to this page -


To use the integration, you will need to sign up to a Zapier account which you can do through this page:



Currently, there are 4 Easyship Triggers that are supported by Zapier:


Shipment Delivered - you can use this trigger to push a notification from Easyship that a shipment has been delivered successfully to your integrated eCommerce store.

New Shipping Label - this Trigger can be used to alert your customer that their shipment is being prepared.

Shipment in Transit - this Trigger can be used to alert your customer to when their package is on the move.

Shipment updated - you can use this trigger to provide updates to your customer automatically throughout the shipping process.


Zapier Integration x Easyship

Currently, you can use Actions to Create a Shipment, for example; if you receive an order from a customer in Shopify, you can use this to create the shipment via Easyship.

Or if you’re currently creating shipments via a CSV, you can use this function to do so via a Google Sheet.


Zapier Integration with Easyship

Currently, we have one Search option available, you can use this function to search via a shipment ID and pull the information to the corresponding app you are using.


How to Create a Zap

For detailed instructions on how to create your own Zap, you can follow step by step advice via our friends at Zapier here.

On the other hand, if you want to see exactly what Apps can be integrated with Easyship and some ready made Zaps, check out the list below;

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