Connect Zapier with Easyship

Zapier is an easy-to-use tool that connects different web apps, adding functional automation to improve customer experience.

You can use the Zapier integration to automate workflows that meet your needs, such as creating new shipments and notifying customers of tracking updates.

Connecting Your Easyship Account to Zapier

Step 1: Navigate to Connect > New integrationThen proceed to select Zapier.


Step 2: Follow the link to connect to our Beta Program.



You will then redirect to the Zapier Integration Page. Click Connect Easyship.



Step 3: To use the integration, you will need to sign up to a Zapier account which you can do through this page.



Step 4: Once your account is created, you may need to go through the connection process again. Zapier will prompt you to enter a token, which can be found under the dashboard's Connect > New Integration > API Integration section. 



Copy the token and paste it into the requested field in Zapier. 


Triggers Supported by Zapier

Currently, there are 4 Easyship Triggers that are supported by Zapier:

Easyship Triggers Supported by Zapier


  • Shipment Delivered - You can use this trigger to push a notification to your customer when a shipment has been delivered. 
  • New Shipping Label - This trigger can be used to alert your customer that their shipment is being prepared.
  • Shipment in Transit - This trigger can alert your customer when their package is on the move.
  • Shipment Updated - You can use this trigger to provide updates to your customer automatically throughout the shipping process.

Actions Supported by Zapier

Easyship Actions Supported by Zapier


Currently, you can use Actions to Create a Shipment, for example, if you receive an order from a customer in Shopify, you can use this to create the shipment via Easyship.

Or, if you're currently creating shipments via a CSV, you can use this function via a Google Sheet.

Searches Supported by Zapier

Zapier Integration with Easyship

Currently, we have one Search option available. You can use this function to search via a shipment ID and pull the information to the corresponding app you are using.

How to Create a Zap

You can follow this step-by-step guide from Zapier for detailed instructions on creating your Zap.

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