Printing Queue (Generating Documents)

On this page, you will find information on how to Generate Documents in multiple batches and monitor their progression, for general information on Printing Documents, please see this article.


First as usual, go to the Manage Shipments section of the dashboard, select the shipments for which you wish to Generate Documents, and select GENERATE ALL DOCUMENTS



When you do this, you can see the yellow icon that shows the documents are being generated.



We will also display a message at the bottom of the page to let you know the request has been made successfully



If you select SEE QUEUE you will be redirected to the Document Queue where you can monitor the generation of your documents. For example below, you can see completed documents and a batch that is in the process of generating.

Batches will be kept in the queue for 30 days and can be regenerated at any time.



Once the generation is complete, you will see the notification at the foot of the page and you can also see a green tick icon will appear next to the GENERATE ALL DOCUMENTS button.



You can see the document in the printing queue and you have 2 options, when it is ready and generated you can see the options for DOWNLOAD and PRINT:



You can generate as many batches as you wish at any time and if you wish to check on other areas of the dashboard, you can always come back to the queue to check back in.


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