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Thanks to a new feature, it is no longer necessary to download a file to get access to your labels. In this article, we will explain how this is possible and how to set up your account in this way or to continue to use downloads if you prefer.


Go to your Dashboard to Manage Shipments as normal, select a label, and then select Generate All Documents:



You should now see the document in the printing queue, but when it is ready you will have 2 options, DOWNLOAD and PRINT:




If you select PRINT, we will display the PDF reader to allow you to preview the documents you've generated:





You can also change the dimensions of your documents by going to Settings, then Printing Options, and make your required changes, for example, you can switch your documents to Letter Size or stick with 4x6:



If you make this amendment and then return to your documents, you will see two different tabs for the different sizes that have been requested:




If you prefer to continue downloading shipments, you can achieve this by selecting DOWNLOAD rather than PRINT and this will continue to perform the same function.

However, if you wish to remove this functionality and stop downloading automatically, simply go to your Settings and Printing Options, go to Download Shipping Docs and you will see a function titled Auto-download zip files. 


If you've been using Easyship in the past it will be automatically switched on by default, simply click the button to turn this off and you will no longer download automatically.



This new feature is available only for NEW batches of documents that are generated. Old documents will continue to only have the Download option available.

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