Bulk Edit Shipments

It is now possible to edit Shipment in bulk, in this article we will show you how to do this.

As part of a new feature, you can now edit a single Shipment property for as many shipments as you want, without limitation.

To begin, go to the Dashboard and look for the MORE dropdown and you will see Bulk Edit Shipments




Select the Shipments you wish to edit, and then select the Property to edit.



Currently we have a number of Property selections to edit including Box and Dimensions, Insurance, Residential Address, Couriers and Ship from Address:






Then it is simply a case of making the amendment that you wish to apply to all of your selected shipments, then select UPDATE SHIPMENTS.

The updating of the Shipments will largely occur instantaneously but there may be cases where it will take a moment or two to update depending on the Property you are updating, in this case, simply click the link to 'refresh the list;


Now all of your selected Shipments will be updated. If you change your mind and wish to undo the bulk update, simply re-select the shipments and reverse the change using the same Property selection.
















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