Identifying Liability Couriers on Easyship

When selecting shipping solutions on Easyship, it is important to understand that some couriers offer no liability. In this article, we break down the way in which courier liability can be determined. 

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Firstly, it is worth summarising the categories in which we assign shipping solutions. 

Courier Categories

  • Postal (No Liability)- A shipment that is sent via the postal network, we do not provide support nor will the courier be responsible if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit. E.G USPS, HKpost, Singpost, GlobalPost, Hermes, RoyalMail, SF Mail etc. 
  • Hybrid (No Liability) - This is a solution that involves multiple couriers, postal providers, and consolidation centers to bring a shipment to its destination. Typically these solutions offer no liability in the event that the shipment is lost or damaged. E.G DHL eCom, SF Express US, Flat Export Rates, Asendia, APC US, Aramex US, etc.
  • Courier (Basic Liability) - Express services that fully manage the handover and delivery of a shipment, will transit through private networks to ensure a secure and timely journey. In the event of a lost or damaged shipment where the courier is at fault, they will typically compensate up to 100 USD of the customs value and fully waive the shipping cost. E.G DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, Aramex HK & SG, SF Express HK & SG, DPEX, TNT, etc.

Now that we have broken down the categories of Easyship couriers, let's go into ways of identifying whether or not your shipping solution offers liability when purchasing the label.

Identifying Liability When Purchasing a Shipment 

We know it is not always easy to remember which courier offers liability and which couriers do not. That is why, when you are about to purchase a no liability courier solution, we make sure you are aware that the courier does not offer liability. 

By clicking no, you acknowledge that if the shipment is lost or damaged, Easyship and the courier cannot be held liable. 

IMPORTANT: We always encourage you to add Insurance even if you are using a courier with limited Liability. This is because in these cases, although we will always do our best to have your claim accepted,  on average, only 15% of claims are accepted by couriers that offer limited liability. Courier investigations are automatically closed (and, thus, the claim rejected) after 45 days if the loss or damage is not acknowledged by the courier.

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