Uploading CSV Files

Importing and exporting CSV files on Easyship is a great way to mass update information on your account. In this article, we will summarise the ways in which CSV uploads can be used on our shipping software. 

What is a CSV File?

CSV stands for Comma-separated Values. CSV files are a text-based document, which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. 

How are CSV Files Used on Easyship?

  • Importing orders 

If you want to mass upload orders to your Easyship dashboard for bulk shipment creation, you can do so on the 'Create shipments > Advanced' section of your dashboard by clicking 'Add shipments > Import from file'. Whether you just launched a crowdfunding campaign, or you wish to fulfill multiple direct sales shipments at once, this is a highly effective solution. For more information on importing orders via CSV:

Create Shipment by CSV Upload

Import Orders Using Backerkit Template

Import Orders Using Indiegogo Template


  • Importing products

When syncing products from your store, many essential details will not transfer over to the 'Product Listing' section of your dashboard. Typically the most time-efficient way to update is by exporting your products, editing, and re-importing. For more information on importing products via CSV:

Adding and Editing Products


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