Connect Your Zoho Inventory

This article will explain how to link your Zoho account with Easyship. 

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Locate Easyship on Zoho Integrations Page

Log in to your Zoho account. On the Zoho Integrations page, locate Easyship by either searching for it or scrolling through the list of available integrations. Once located, add the Easyship integration. 

Authorizing Easyship Integration

Here is a list of information that Easyship will access once accepted. After reviewing, click the Accept button.




Create an Easyship Account or Login 

You will be directed to the Easyship website and prompted to create a new account or log in to a pre-existing one. 




Sync Products and Orders

Once logged in to your Easyship account, Zoho will be successfully integrated. To sync products, go to the Product Listing section of the dashboard and click Add Products > Sync from the store. To sync orders, go to Create Shipments > Advanced > Add shipments > Sync from the store

For more in-depth guides on syncing products and orders, please refer to the articles below:

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