What are Thermal Shipping Labels?

As an Easyship user, we provide different label printing options that can be selected in the "Settings > Printing Options" section of your dashboard. One of the settings is "Thermal", which will generate shipping documents in a full-page 4x6 format


What is a Thermal Printer?

Thermal printers use heat to print on special thermochromic paper (thermal paper), to selectively turn areas black where heat is applied. Such printers create high quality and durable images, which help the printing of objects like barcodes.  


Do you need a Thermal Printer to print in this format?

Yes, a thermal printer and thermal paper are required for labels downloaded in this specific format to print properly. 


Do I need a Thermal Printer to ship?

Though there are many benefits to printing shipping documents with thermal printers, it is not a requirement for most shipping software. Benefits of using a Thermal Printer include Higher-quality printing, resistance to UV rays, liquids/oils, and volatile climates. If you are a high volume shipper, a thermal printer may be a worthwhile investment. 

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