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You can now generate a Pick List for your shipments to help you fulfill your orders. This can be done in the 'Create Shipments > Advanced' section of the dashboard, and also in the 'Manage Shipments' section of the dashboard. For example's sake, we will use the most commonly used method, which is done in 'Manage Shipments'.

The Pick List gives displays the item info (SKUs, quantities, locations, etc) to show what you need to take from your inventory storage in order to fulfill your shipments. It is also possible to use a new format to group by Pick location as well as rearrange the SKU details to display quantity ascending to descending.

To do this, follow these instructions;

First, go to the 'Manage Shipments' section of the dashboard, select the relevant shipments, click Actions, and select Generate Pick List


At this point, the Pick List you have generated will open up in a new PDF tab, either By Order;


or by SKU depending on your Settings;



If you want to update the Pick List format, go to Settings > Printing Options and scroll down to Pick List


Product Pick Location

You can specify your Pick locations for each product, and select which are to be used in the Pick List documents.

The Pick locations can also be updated manually from the Products Listings page or via CSV for bulk updates.





Pick Lists can be generated either on 'Create Shipments > Advanced' or 'Manage Shipments' if you want to create a Pick List when your parcel is in 'order state', follow the same process except click 'MORE' instead of 'Action'. 

IMPORTANT: Pick locations cannot be synced from Shopify

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