Ship From Multiple Origin Addresses

When creating shipments, switch through addresses easily with the multi-address function. In addition, you can now automate your origin address with shipping rules. In this article, we'll explain both features in detail. 

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Adding Multiple Addresses

To add multiple addresses, go to Accounts > Addresses. At the bottom of the page, click Add a New Adress.


Change Origin Address When Creating Shipments

When creating a shipment and entering the sender address, select a saved origin address by clicking the drop-down menu as pictured below.


Alternatively, enter an origin address manually by toggling An existing address to "No". The address entered will automatically save for future use. 


Note: This feature can be accessed when Creating Shipments in Basic or Advanced mode. 

Automate Origin Address With Shipping Rules

To automate origin addresses based on specific shipment conditions, you'll need to create a shipping rule. Navigate to Settings > Shipping Rules.



In this example, if a shipment is going to California, we want to ship from a San Fransisco facility to save money. We'll name this rule "California Warehouse". Sart by setting the following condition: Destination state or province is - California. Make sure to save the condition after selecting. 



Now on to the Action: New action is Ship From and then proceed to select an existing address. 293420934523.PNG

Click Save and Create your Shipping Rule. It should look like this in your Active Shipping Rules. 


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