Multi Address

It is now possible to ship from multiple addresses at the same time, we've made it faster and easier to do this when you're creating a new shipment, or updating an existing one.

You can also now ship multiple shipments from different origin addresses at the same time.

Here is a video showing you how, and there's detailed description below;

In the Ship From section shown below, you can select any one of your previously set addresses



If you want to select a new address you can now do so here, and you have the option by ticking the box below of saving the address for future use



Once confirmed, you will now have the option to change the Ship From details, as well as the Address on Label that the receiver will view



To help you search for shipments utilising this feature, we've added a new Filter for Ship From Location -



You can use this filter to search for your shipments based on the Address you have selected to ship from



As previously highlighted, this feature will allow you to now ship from 2 different locations at the same time, once confirmed you will see the confirmation details grouped by the right Origin Address



You can also add a new Shipping Rule to assist you with using this new feature



To make this easier, you also have the option of providing a Nickname for your addresses, rather than viewing the full address each time you select the Ship From origin



NOTE: All addresses selected must still be within the same origin country

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