Link your FedEx Account

We have made linking your FedEx account easier than ever, we have included a simple video and instructions to follow;

STEP 1: Accept EULA Agreement

When you go to connect your account, you will be asked to accept the FedEx end-user license agreement.

It is NOT AN OPTION to opt-out of this, you can only connect when you accept as per FedEx requirements.


STEP 2: Input details for account verification

You will be asked to input the following:

  • Account number

To get your Account number, please follow these steps;

1.Go to FedEx Web Service:

2. Click on My Profile


3. Click on Account Management


Here you will find your Account number.

  • Your Address (this will be prefilled on your account but it can and must be changed if you have a different address associated with your FedEx account.)

Clicking on Submit will begin the validation process. This process will verify the details you have provided and if successful, will generate your credentials.

If anything goes wrong during the verification process, an error message will be displayed. If this occurs once you have made attempts with the correct details, please reach out to us directly.



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