How to Pack Shipments

Packing a shipment may seem simple enough; throw a product in, seal the box/polybag, attach your label and you're good to go. However, there are some important pieces of information that can get overlooked. In this article, we mention tips to keep in mind when packing your shipment. 

What we'll cover:

Which packaging to select?

Different packaging is designed for specific goods, and though almost everything can be packed inside of a box, using polybags/padded envelopes for products that shouldn't be in them can be problematic for a variety of reasons. 

Cardboard Boxes Almost every product you can think of is shipped in boxes, and there are very few exceptions. However, think twice before shipping with a box if the below alternatives are better. 
Padded Envelopes/Bubble Mailers Small, medium-sized objects that are not overly delicate should be packed in padded envelopes, things like figures, digital gadgets, documents, books, stationery, jewelry.
Polybags Soft, and malleable objects should be packed in polybags, such as Colthing (Hoodies, pants, t-shirts, etc), Stuffed toys, Pillows, etc. More info here.


How to pack general products?

Now that we have touched on what to pack and where we can discuss how to pack products in the safest and most cost-effective way.

Wiggle room should be avoided at all costs, if you are shipping a product that is rattling around, it is far more likely to get damaged, and result in a poor customer experience. Seal your box to ensure that it does not open mid-transit, which can result in a lost product/incomplete delivery (this is more common than you might think). Safety aside, packing your products into as small of a box as possible means shipping price reductions. If there is an 'excess bag' when using polybags/bubble mailers, fold it over and tape to reduce size. Volumetric Weight and Dimensions

How to pack delicate items?

First of all, we need to remind you that you can purchase insurance for your delicate shipments, however, if the courier/insurance company finds the product to be improperly packed, you will not receive compensation. Delicates require padding on all points of contact and little wiggle room. Depending on your product, you should consider using the following material to protect your products in transit: Pick and Pack Foam, Bubble wrap (be generous), packing peanuts, foam sheets, corrugated wrap rolls. 

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