Multi Box (Multi carton)

Note: This feature is currently available only for Cloud users on our Premier plan shipping from the following locations;

US, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore


It is now possible to add multiple boxes within the same shipment with our new Multi-Box feature. 

At this time, this is a manual feature and cannot be automated with Shipping Rules or via Checkout.

How to use:

Go to your shipments and Edit order as normal and you will see a New option 'ADD A NEW BOX' -


Once selected, a second box will appear, and you can add details the same way you would do for any other shipment for your second box -



What else can I do?

There are additional features you can use through the options highlighted below -


You can Delete a box, duplicate a box, and move items between your boxes as shown below -



Generating Shipping Docs:

After completing the shipments, docs can be generated in the normal way, the difference being that when you print your labels, there will be more than one, with a different label for each box, as shown below - 



There are no changes to the Insurance process for Multi-box shipments, you can only insure the entire shipment, based on the total selling price of all items, claims are made on a per shipment basis.

Note: Not all couriers offer the multi-box shipping solution, as a result, your courier options may be limited.

The shipping solutions that currently offer this service are; FedEx, UPS and DHL


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